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Writing Solid Code

Development Philosophies for Writing Bug-Free Programs

Writing Solid Code tackles the serious problem of how to write bug-free code by sharing proven development strategies that help you catch bugs automatically, with little or no effort, and help you eliminate entire classes of bugs altogether.

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A Sampling of Magazine Reviews for the 1st Edition

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

HERE’S WHAT THE MAGAZINE CRITICS HAVE SAID about the the first edition of the bestselling book, Writing Solid Code, winner of a Software Development Jolt Productivity Award and of awards from the Society for Technical Communications:

The reviews…

Writing Solid Code is superbly written and offers a variety of sound practical coding guidelines at a level suitable for professional programmers. The author’s experience, coupled with an obvious enthusiasm for the subject, has resulted in a book which is both informative and easy to read… You’ll find historical notes about the development of programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word… You do not, incidentally, need to be an MS-DOS, Windows, or Apple Mac programmer to appreciate the wisdom in this book or to follow the code… An excellent book and one of those relatively rare offerings that all professional programmers would do well to read.

— Paul Overaa, Computing

Maguire’s writing style is fluid and clear, and the content is intended to provoke both thought and action (namely, changes in your bad habits).

— Ray Valdés, Dr. Dobb’s Journal

This unique volume gathers a wealth of coding wisdom developed over years of project development. These aren’t coding techniques so much as coding and testing philosophies—mindsets that help programmers produce better code with fewer bugs in less time than their competitors.

— Jeff Duntemann, PC Techniques

If you are serious about developing code, read this book. Consider it carefully. Reject it if you will, but I think you would be foolish to do so. This is easily my ‘Book of the Year.’

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